Skull and Bones

Microtransactions in Skull and Bones are summarized as...

The game contains many microtransactions. These all need to be purchased via a premium currency called Gold. Gold can be acquired in bundles that follow a pattern similar to other games, with 1000 Gold equaling roughly 10 USD. The premium currency can also be earned in limited and small amounts through playing the game.

Cosmetics include ship customization, player clothing, emotes, vanity pets, and more. Many cosmetics can be purchased via bundles, but oftentimes they can be purchased individually as well. Additionally, many of the cosmetics are only available for a limited time, whether for a season or even just a couple of days.

The game features a seasonal battle pass. This can be purchased in 2 versions:
- The Premium Pass, for roughly 10 USD, granting the premium battle pass track, along with some extra cosmetics.
- The Premium Pass Bundle, for roughly 25 USD, granting the premium pass as well as 15 levels into the premium pass.
The battle pass also contains free tracks. The rewards vary from crafting materials, weaponry, to cosmetics. The premium tracks only grant extra cosmetic items; no gameplay-enhancing items can be purchased in the battle pass. However, you can purchase levels directly with the premium currency, granting you weapons, crafting materials, etc., at a faster rate than other players.

Despite the vast number of microtransactions, the game is not free-to-play. It can be purchased in 3 editions:
- Standard Edition, for roughly 60 USD, containing the base game.
- Deluxe Edition, for roughly 75 USD, containing the base game, 2 extra missions, and a digital art book and soundtrack.
- Premium Edition, for roughly 90 USD, containing the same as the Deluxe Edition, as well as the premium battle pass.

Pre-ordering the game granted access to 2 unique cosmetic items.

Premium currencies come in quantities that do not match the price of regular shop items, forcing you to spend more for less.
Contains items that only come in bundles and can not be acquired on their own.
Battle Passes are timed exclusives. If you don't finish it in a given time you do not get what you paid for.
Includes a limited-time always rotating store with exclusive discounts and/or cosmetics.
Often features items that can only be purchased during a limited time.
Contains premium currencies that can only, or almost exclusively, be purchased with real money.
Battle Pass levels can be purchased with real life money.
This is a full priced game yet features microtransactions like you'd expect from a free-to-play game.
Features unique cosmetic rewards for pre-ordering the game.
Frequently makes use of limited time events which reward free in-game items.
Has a "deluxe" edition of the game which features (almost) nothing but in-game cosmetic items.