Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

Microtransactions in Resident Evil 4 (Remake) are summarized as...

The game contains many smaller DLC packs, each containing costumes for your characters.
Confusingly there are multiple different options to buy these DLC. You can either buy them individually and buy only the ones you want, you can buy a bundle containing all of them for a discount, or you can buy the Deluxe edition of the game which includes all of the DLC. Purchasing the deluxe edition is vastly cheaper than buying the DLC bundle.
This is done to make this purchase seem more attractive in comparison, to make it feel like you are getting a great deal, even though you may not have purchased it otherwise.

One of the DLC is a treasure map that reveals all of the in-game hidden loot, but it also adds some additional loot that you would not be able to find without the DLC.

All of the DLC was available from day one.

The game also contains microtransactions in the form weapon upgrade tickets. These can only be purchased using real money and instantly bypass the in-game weapon upgrade system. Allowing you to upgrade your weapons without putting in any effort.

Contains premium items that give you advantages in a singleplayer mode.
Pay-to-win elements. This games contains purchasable items that make your character stronger.
The game contains many smaller DLC packs that contain (almost) nothing but cosmetics.
Has a "deluxe" edition of the game which features (almost) nothing but in-game cosmetic items.