Midnight Ghost Hunt

Microtransactions in Midnight Ghost Hunt are summarized as...

The game has cosmetic content but almost all of it can be earned through regular play and can not be purchased with real money.

There is a cosmetic purchase called "Early Backer Pack". This pack is $40 only contains a handful of cosmetics. This pack is listed with the following note: "Important note: By buying this DLC you are first and foremost showing your support for the game and for us, the developers. The goodies included in the pack is just a bonus!". Which is fair enough, but at the same time it's still very expensive for very small amount of content.

There are no plans to add microtransactions but that might change. In a Q&A the developers had the following to say:

"Are you planning on adding microtransactions? And if so, what are you giving us to buy? Cosmetics only?

Kite: There is no set plan yet - but if we do implement microtransactions, it is pretty safe to say that it would be cosmetic only. Cool skins, emote animations, and so on. Pay to win is not fun for anyone!"

There are no additional purchases other than a "deluxe" version of the game. No microtransactions, no DLC.