Ghostwire: Tokyo

Microtransactions in Ghostwire: Tokyo are summarized as...

The game features no purchases other than a deluxe edition. There are no microtransactions at the time of release.

The deluxe edition is underwhelming. It offers some character skins, but the game is singleplayer only and is largely played in first-person so you have to wonder what the point is. The main draw of the deluxe edition is the 3-day early access.

You can (or could) gain early-access to the game by spending more money.
Features unique cosmetic rewards for pre-ordering the game.
Has a "deluxe" edition of the game which features (almost) nothing but in-game cosmetic items.
There are no additional purchases other than a "deluxe" version of the game. No microtransactions, no DLC.