Diablo IV

Microtransactions in Diablo IV are summarized as...

The Open Beta could only be accessed by those Pre-Purchased the game for the first few days of the beta. Additionally the game could be accessed a couple days early by purchasing a more expensive version of the game.

There are 3 versions of the game.
- The standard version
- A deluxe version, which includes early access as well as some cosmetic content and the first Season Pass.
- Ultimate version, which includes the deluxe version, more cosmetic rewards, and a extra premium battle pass.

As it stands right now not all information on the in-game premium store is confirmed. But there is some information available.

There are character skins that can only be purchased with premium currencies. These skins are priced significantly higher than skins in other games, which are already expensive. A high price point of $20 is standard, but in this game $30 is the norm. Is should be noted that character skins can not be used on every character, as they are limited by class. If you wish to own a skin for every class you will be spending well over $100.

Before the game came out the possibility of purchasing more bag space using premium currencies was mentioned, however this never made it into the game.

In addition to a price of entry and microtransactions the game also features a Season Pass (or battle pass). This will include a free track, as well as a premium track. Additionally it contains methods to purchase levels using premium currencies.

It should also be noted that the game starts at a very high price point of $70, which is significantly more expensive than other PC games from this category, which often come in at $50 or $60, or when they feature microtransactions to this extend they are often free.

Premium currencies come in quantities that do not match the price of regular shop items, forcing you to spend more for less.
Includes mechanics that are intentionally slow or inconvenient, but can be bypassed with real money purchases.
Battle Passes are timed exclusives. If you don't finish it in a given time you do not get what you paid for.
Includes a limited-time always rotating store with exclusive discounts and/or cosmetics.
Contains premium currencies that can only, or almost exclusively, be purchased with real money.
Battle Pass levels can be purchased with real life money.
This is a full priced game yet features microtransactions like you'd expect from a free-to-play game.
The base game is priced significantly higher than games in comparable price brackets.
You can (or could) gain early-access to the game by spending more money.
Contains one or multiple Battle Passes.
Has a "deluxe" edition of the game which features (almost) nothing but in-game cosmetic items.