Atomic Heart

Microtransactions in Atomic Heart are summarized as...

There are no direct microtransactions, nor any plans to add them at a later point. There are however plans for multiple pieces of DLC. It is not yet known what this DLC will be, but they are already available for purchase.

There are several difference versions of the game.
- Standard Edition, which includes just the base game.
- Gold Edition, which includes a single skin for your characters gloves as well as a season pass for the first 4 DLC.
- Premium Edition, which includes the Gold edition, two weapon skins, and a digital art book.

Pre-purchasing any of the game editions will grant you 2 weapon skins. These will not be available after the game has released.

Contains one or multiple Season Passes, encouraging the purchase of unknown DLC you might never have purchased otherwise.
Features unique cosmetic rewards for pre-ordering the game.