Albion Online

Microtransactions in Albion Online are summarized as...

Albion Online has a premium currency simply called "Gold". Gold can be purchased with real money, but it can also be purchased for regular in-game currencies, and vice versa.

Albion Online has an optional subscription fee that vastly increases the rate at which you do and gain certain things. However all content can be done without it. You can also buy this subscription with in-game currencies, but that might require vast time investments.

This game has several bundles for cosmetics, all of which are priced rather high.

Includes mechanics that are intentionally slow or inconvenient, but can be bypassed with real money purchases.
Contains cosmetics for extraordinarily high prices, sometimes costing more than full priced games.
Contains items that only come in bundles and can not be acquired on their own.
Premium currencies come in quantities that do not match the price of regular shop items, forcing you to spend more for less.
Features an optional subscription fee.
Free to play. Requires no up front payment.
Most items that can be bought for real money can also be bought with in-game currencies.